Submissions for review must be either by physical or download.  We cannot review from Streams.  (Please note that submission does not guarantee review).

We do not usually review Singles, but will consider blogging them in a Watch! or Listen! format together with artists social media links.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    I'm Angelala one half of NYC Electro/Pop female group angela&bryanna (a&b). I read your review on Reed & Caroline on Louder Than War and listened to the song. I also read that it was recommended to reach out to a writer that reviewed music similar to what is submitted. My group is releasing our next music video, Force of Nature next week. The video is very different, but the music is similar.

    I wrote Force of Nature which has a double meaning. The obvious interpretation is that the song is about a hard to get woman. The not so obvious interpretation is that it's coke giving a warning about itself. I was inspired by 2 guys that I was dating at the time. One was smothering me and the other had a coke problem that was taking over his life.

    I'm originally from Flint, Michigan where they are currently having an extreme water crisis due to lead contaminating their drinking water. On Sat. 10/15 I threw a benefit for Flint in Brooklyn where we showed Force of Nature, performed the song, had a silent auction on local artists work and then also featured other performers. It was an incredible night! I received amazing feedback on the video and song!

    I've attached the private link to the unreleased video. I hope you like it!

    Thank you,